If you’re like most people, your phone is full of memorable images of your loved ones, vacation trips and meaningful life events. And if you’re like most people, that's where those photos stay; on your phone.

But now you can turn your most memorable personal photographs into a stunning collage for your home, where you will be able to personally enjoy them as well as share them with family and visitors. John Hartman has been helping clients decorate their homes with photography for over four decades. His experienced eye for design and digital technology skills will help you to visualize the final result in advance, so you can see exactly what your wall arrangement can look like.

How does it work?

First, John will help you select and narrow down the photos you have in mind. He will use a photo of the room where the images will be displayed and then digitally size and arrange your photos to fit the available space and show you several design options. Once you have finalized your choices, he edits the photographs for correct color and brightness, fine-tuning and calibrating each image to his high professional standards.

John can work with pictures made on your phone or tablet camera, any digital camera, or even old negatives or printed photographs. They don’t have to be ‘perfect’; he knows how to enhance and improve any image, regardless of the source.

You have several image display choices, from traditonal framed prints, to images made on canvas, wood or even high-gloss aluminum. When the photographs are printed, he will install each one on your wall exactly as it looks in the digital simulation below.

How much does it cost?

Your final investment will depend on the number, size and finish of the photograph you choose. But for about the cost of a nice piece of furniture, you can have a beautiful display of the most important people, places and events in your life. And unlike that furniture, you will grow to enjoy and appreciate them even more with the passing of time.

Call us today for a no-obligation estimate.

Call or text John at the numbers below. He will discuss your ideas and schedule a time to get together to see your photos and from there put together a design idea, along with a firm cost estimate. If you like what you see, he then will carefully edit each of your pictures to perfection. Finished images take 2 to 4 weeks to produce.

Your most treasured photos deserve to be on your wall, and not just on your phone.

Call or text John at the number below. He will discuss your ideas and schedule a time to get together to see your photos and from there put together a design idea, along with a firm cost estimate. If you like what you see, he then will carefully edit each of your pictures to perfection. The finished printed images will take about two weeks to complete. Do it today!

Your old photographs restored to pristine condition

Everybody has photographs that were made years or decades ago. Pictures with very special people in them—people who may not even be with us any more.

These are the pictures that you hear people grab when there’s a fire or natural disaster. The ones that preserve your family’s legacy. The ones you want to pass on to your heirs and relatives.

For most of us, there are no duplicates of these pictures. If something were to happen to them, they would be gone forever. They may not be in great shape. They could be cracked, yellowed, faded, even torn. But they're still precious.

The original photograph was the size of a postage stamp.

The finished picture printed beautifully to 8x10.

‘Memory Protection’ insures your photographs will live on.

John uses a special camera that takes a picture of your picture in much higher resolution and with better clarity than any scanner. Your photo never leaves our studio; all work is done in-house by John personally. On this copied file, he then corrects any color or fading issues, repairs scratches or other marks, even fixes cracks or tears. The result is a photograph that most likely is better than the original ever was.

You can have printed copies made of this repaired file in any size, carefully made on archival paper, and mounted to artboard for additional protection. John’s staff can even help you select a frame that perfectly compliments the style and vintage of the original photograph. You can choose to provide family members with printed copies, or opt to send them a digital file for their own use.

It doesn’t matter what condition your photo is in...

...we can restore it to better-than-new condition!

It’s not hard. And it’s affordable.

The basic cost to copy an old photograph is just $20 (or $15 each for five or more). The charge to repair and restore the image depends on condition, but generally ranges from $5 for minimal work to $100 for a seriously damaged photo, such as the examples above. Archivally printed photo reproductions start at $29, and unilimted usage digital-only files are $79.

Give John a call at the number below. He will be happy to discuss your needs and arrange to see the photos in person to give you an idea of what can be done, as well as a firm cost estimate. Now is the time to make sure your family’s most treasures photographic heirlooms are preserved for you and future generations to enjoy!

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John’s beautiful art pieces are available on a very limited basis

Each Friday, John will offer a unique fine art photograph from his collection. Every image will be offered in a variety of sizes to fit any space in your home or office. This art will be available for one week only, and will not be available again. Click the button below to see this week’s fine art piece.

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