Now is the time...because they grow up so fast.

You know how fast your children grow up. It seems like yesterday when you brought that first little bundle home. And now they keep you so busy it’s hard to imagine what you did before they came along.

A carefully planned and professionally created family portrait by John Hartman captures and preserves a very special moment in your family’s life forever. Your photographs will become an important part of your family history and will be cherished as heirlooms longer than almost any of your other earthly possessions. Of course, we’re all busy, and it’s too easy for us to let life slip through our fingers. That’s why the best time to have a family portrait made is right now—before they’re grown and gone.

This is one event that should never be scheduled for ‘someday,’ because, of course, someday never comes. You will never regret having your portrait made, because it will become a permanent, lasting memory of your family you will treasure every time you look at it.

The one thing in life is that is constant is change. Your family portrait by John Hartman captures a very special moment, so you can enjoy your family just as they are right now—at any time!

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You will never have this opportunity again.

As a father with three adult children, John knows how fast they grow up, and how easy it is to put off having a family portrait made.

He also knows as a parent that you can never have enough photos of your kids. Of course, you may have snapshots, but a beautiful, professional portrait of you with your family is a symbol of love and togetherness that’s different. Unlike a snapshot, a Contemporary portrait brings out the true personality of each person.

Families are all about relationships. A great family portrait should tell a story about your family, one that you will be proud to display in your home for you and your friends to enjoy for years to come.

Now it’s your turn.

At Contemporary, we make everything easy for you. When you call, we’ll schedule a convenient time to get together for a few minutes to discuss your ideas and to plan the portrait session.

The photo shoot goes quickly; rarely over an hour, often less. Of course, the group photo will be the main focus, but you can have separate images made of just the kids, or mom and dad, grandparents, pets or any other combinations you’d like. And during the photo shoot, each photo comes up instantly on an iPad, so you will be able to check for expressions, clothing and hair, and make adjustments in real time. This is a great benefit to help put everyone at ease while they’re being photographed. You will leave the photo shoot knowing you have the perfect images of each person in the group.

Your images will be ready to view in one to three business days, and when you select them, you will know they will look perfect in your home.

Your once-in-a-lifetime chance to make this happen is now—call today to begin your family portrait adventure!

We’ll help you with all the details.

John Hartman has been making families look good for over forty years. He knows that the success of your portrait hinges on being prepared for the actual photo shoot.

That’s why he takes the time to discuss important details with you, such as clothing choices, makeup, hair and accessory selections. He’ll work with you to help coordinate your look with the environment in which your portrait is made.

At your session, John’s vast experience and technical expertise makes the photography go smoothly and quickly, while he works to make every person in the portrait look their very best. That means expressions, body positioning, lighting, hair, clothing and background all have to come together in the same instant of time. And it’s all done in a fun and memorable experience. John knows that if you feel good while you’re being photographed, you’ll look terrific in your portraits.

John also works with you in helping to select the right images for your home. Working from photos of your rooms he can digitally place your portraits on your wall and show you various size and grouping options. That way, you can decide what’s best for you based on what you actually see in advance, rather than choosing something from a list or a catalog.

Details make the Contemporary difference!

Here is the digital simulation showing what the image will look like...

…and here’s what the finished portrait looks like on the wall. Perfect!

“But my children are in different parts of the country!”

If your family members visit you but not all at the same time, no problem! John has perfected a technique where he can photograph each person or family when they are here, and then place them all into a single portrait that makes it look like you were all together at once! He uses the exact same lighting and shadowing, and can ‘cut out’ each family perfectly, right down to the individual hairs on their head. He’s been doing groups like this since 2007, and his skills are unmatched.

But the bottom line is you’ll be able to have that beautiful family portrait you’ve always wanted—even if they can’t all get together at once.

Individual family members can come in for their portrait when they’re visiting you. When they've all been photographed we can arrange them into a single image, below.

You can have your family portrait, even if everyone can't all be there at once!

Anywhere is a great place to have a portrait made.

At Contemporary, you can have your family group portrait made in a setting that fits your lifestyle.

Outdoor portraits don’t have to be done in a park—this one was done in downtown Stevens Point!

Studio portraits can be done without having to worry about the weather or outdoor light.

In-home portraits add the extra personalization of your own surroundings.

Our state-of-the-art studio provides a highly professional environment with perfectly controlled lighting and simple backgrounds that emphasize expression and relationship.

You can also have your portrait made in your own surroundings, such as in your home or yard. For many, this provides convenience as well as a familiar and natural setting for the photograph.

If you like environmental portraiture, you can elect to have an outdoor photo shoot. We are always willing to photograph at locations that are meaningful to you, such as a park or beach or other spot where you’ve spent some quality family time.

If you don’t have a specific place in mind, we have scouted out dozens of different outdoor locations in and around Stevens Point that have been chosen for their beauty in photographs. Many have been selected for their ability to look good in certain lighting conditions, as well as weather-specific spots that can be used on windy or sunny days, or in damp conditions.

We can even do destination portraits at vacation homes and distant locations where you have fun—if you can imagine it, we can do it!

Your dream portrait awaits—call us now.

Make your appointment now.

You can call John’s office or text him at the numbers below. He will be happy to visit with you to help you get the family portraits you will treasure forever.