An executive publicity portrait made in your office or place of business makes a statement about you and your organization that goes beyond a simple studio headshot. It’s a valuable marketing tool that helps set you apart from your competitors while building your image as a professional.

A location portrait eliminates the need for you to leave your office. John will meet with you or your associate in advance to discuss the photo shoot location and the intended uses of the photography. He brings a complete portable lighting set, so your finished portraits have the exact same look and quality as a portrait made in his own studio. You will see your images on a full screen iPad as soon as they're taken, so minor adjustments can be made to your hair, clothing, expression or background in real time. The actual photography will take just a few minutes, saving you valuable productive time.

John’s vast experience working with executives from all over the country will put you at ease during your photo shoot. His craftsmanship and attention to detail will assure you that your photographs will not only exhibit technical excellence, but will also convey the image of success you have worked so hard to attain.

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