A publicity headshot should show confidence, professionalism and personality. The purpose of a headshot photograph is to provide the viewer with an instantly recognizable image of you that exudes warmth and engagement.

The most important part of a publicity portrait is your expression. John has been making central Wisconsin business people look good since 1974. With his vast experience and confidence in his craft he can draw out expressions that are both natural and believable—even for the most camera-shy subjects.

Your headshot is often the first introduction to your prospective client, patient or customer. Make that first impression count with a portrait by John Hartman.

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What is it like to have a portrait made by John Hartman?

First, John will discuss your needs and the actual uses for your photograph. For example, a picture destined for a one-inch square space on a website will probably be much different than than one that will be placed on a billboard. You can also let him know if you prefer a casual or more formal look in both posing and clothing styles. He will provide you with clothing ideas, even tips on hair, jewelry and makeup.

Seeing your photos as they’re being taken can make all the difference.

John has developed a unique viewing system that allows you to see each photograph immediately on a full screen iPad. This allows you to check for details like flyaway hair, a crooked tie, or an unnatural smile, and then fix it in real time. You can pick your favorite poses right away and will leave knowing exactly what your finished photographs will look like.

Fanatical attention to detail is why John is one of the nation’s best.

Once your photoshoot is finished, your images are personally processed and edited by John. In addition to providing perfect color, he skillfully removes skin blemishes, softens lines and wrinkles and smooths out any other imperfections in your skin, hair or clothing. What he doesn’t do is over retouch to the point where you don't look like yourself. The goal is a natural look with just a little assistance.

How much does a publicity headshot cost?

The photo shoot fee is $159 for as many poses as it takes to get exactly the one or ones you like. The processing, editing and retouching of each pose you choose is $79, which includes electronic delivery of the finished files within two business days. You will get a color and black and white image suitable for printing on brochures, publications and billboards. You will also receive a smaller color version that can go on any electronic screen—for your web site, social media, e-mail signatures, etc. There are no user or licensing fees, and you can use the images for as long as you wish.

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