Prospects looking for your product or service will eventually find you on the Web or through social media. That first contact has to be a ‘wow!’ experience or they'll move on. The best way to keep their attention focused on your company instead of your competitor’s is through powerful photography that grabs their attention and causes them to find out more.

It’s all about your brand.

John Hartman has been helping both large and small companies build and strengthen their brands through innovative and outside-the-box photography for over four decades. His client-centric photographic approach combines knowing your business, understanding your exact needs, creative thinking and outstanding craftsmanship.

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Innovative photography helps you connect with your customers.

Your products or services are important; they’re what your company does. But the customer only sees them for what they can do for him or her. Expertly created images that tell stories of people using and benefiting from your products and services can be an important part of your organization’s marketing strategy. John will work with you and your team to create an imaging blueprint to help accomplish your marketing goals.

Planning is what makes Contemporary Photography different.

When you call our office, John will be happy to discuss your ideas to determine how or even if he is the right photographer for you (yes, he's willing to refer on if he isn’t able to provide what you are looking for). He’ll then schedule a time to get together with you and plan all the aspects of the photography, including a project timeline and a firm cost estimate. The more preparation that goes into the photo shoot, the better will be your final results.

Your products can become wall art.

An appropriately sized and presented photograph of your product, your team, your building or properties prominently displayed in your place of business can make a strong impression on prospects and clients. It lets them know you believe in what you do and that you are proud to be able to serve them. John has over four decades of experience in decorating with photography. He has developed a special process that allows you to see the photograph on your wall in advance digitally, in different sizes and configurations. So you'll actually be able to see exactly what it will look like first—before you make any decisions.

John is a print artist, a rare breed of photographers that understands not only your imaging needs for digital marketing purposes, but also how to produce stunning images that can print on traditional photo paper, artists canvas or even high gloss aluminum—in the highest resolution available, up to 10 feet wide.

You have an idea. John has a solution. Let’s get together.

You can call John’s office or text him at the numbers below. He will be happy to help turn your ideas into powerful images that will set your company apart and help you achieve your marketing, visibility and sales goals.