Light Paintings of Snow Art Zone’s Snow Sculptures

The beautiful and ever-changing snow art created by Jef Schobert has drawn area-wide, and at times, nationwide acclaim. Jef lives just down the street from John in Stevens Point and a few years ago, after he started noticing Jef's work, John began making light paintings of some of his favorite sculptures. (You can see more of his work on Facebook—search Snow Art Zone.)

Light painting involves making multiple exposures of the subject using LED flashlights. And because of the mostly monochromatic look of snow, the best way to enhance the features of the sculptures is to use light and shadow. John's unique use of light in this manner helps to bring out the whimsy and artistic quality of Jef's art.

Jef is a disabled veteran who lives with chronic pain. And despite the cold weather and obvious physical exertion, he delights in the physical manisfestation of ideas in snow, bringing his artist visions into focus, to the joy of everyone who passes by his house on Clark Street. Unfortunately, the nature of his work means it is temporary, often standing just a day or two before he tears it down and begins a new creation. (Or when Mother Nature decides to do it for him.)

(Click here to see more of Jef's story.)

But now you can own and share the beauty and wonder of Jef's work through John's light paintings through a brand new 2022 wall calendar and and note card set.

The wall calendar features twelve different snow sculptures created by Jef and light painted by John. The calendar is printed on 9x12 heavy coated card stock (opens to 12x18) and spiral bound to lay flat on your wall. Now can enjoy Jef's work throughout the year!

The twelve-card note card set feautures the same images as the calendar and is printed on 10x7 heavy card stock that folds to 5x7 size. The cards are coated on the photo side for best color reproduction, uncoated on the inside for easier note writing. Jef includes a short back story of each sculpture. Envelopes are included.

Order a calendar for yourself, and note cards to send to friends and family.

Click the button below to order your sets now. PLEASE NOTE: 50% of the proceeds will go to Jef to help support his art. (There's not a large market for art that vanishes in a day or two, so he appreciates your support.) You will enjoy your calendar all year long, and your friends and family who receive notes from you on these cards will want to keep them forever!

In stock and ready for immediate pickup at John's studio or delivered to your door via USPS.

Choose the number of sets you want below and click Add to Cart to order securely on-line. If you choose to pick up at John's studio (located at 1416 Clark Street in Stevens Point), he will schedule a convenient time to get them If you prefer to have them delivered by USPS, your order will be mailed the same day. Thank you for supporting local art!

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