Musician and Band Portraits

Being involved in music since childhood, and having been a professional musician for two years, John understands the music business and how important good images are in building the brand of the musician. He will work with you before, during and after the photo shoot to insure you a look that will capture the attention of your audience and cause them to take notice of your music.

Whether your needs are for promotion on the Web, a new song release, album cover, concert series poster or publication, John will help you get unique and creative photographs like no others. His 40+ years of experience photographing musicians will give your images a technical and artistic edge that make a powerful statement about your music.

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    Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
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    Aaron Sain
  • Stacks Image 374
    Molly and Jacob Roseman
  • Stacks Image 376
    River Cities Jazz Band
  • Stacks Image 378
    Art Stevenson and Highwater
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    First Avenue - Tim Krogman and Renee Thompson
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    Tara Schwab
  • Stacks Image 384
    Gray Catz
  • Stacks Image 386
    Rosalie Gilbert
  • Stacks Image 388
    The Gospellers
  • Stacks Image 390
    Steven Bjella
  • Stacks Image 392
    Aaron Sain
  • Stacks Image 394
    Michael Kudirka
  • Stacks Image 396
    Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • Stacks Image 398
    Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • Stacks Image 400
    Lawrence Leviton
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    Monteverdi Master Chorale
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    Frank Stanislawski - Gray Catz
  • Stacks Image 406
    Mass Guitar Incident
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    Jenni Yang
  • Stacks Image 410
    River Cities Jazz Band
  • Stacks Image 412
    Heidi Corcoran
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    Horseshoes & Hand Grenades
  • Stacks Image 416
    Patrick Miles
  • Stacks Image 418
    Gray Catz
  • Stacks Image 420
    David Poffinbarger
  • Stacks Image 422
    Patrick Miles
  • Stacks Image 424
  • Stacks Image 426
    Timothy McCollum
  • Stacks Image 428
    Margaret Stenborg
  • Stacks Image 430
    Molly Roseman
  • Stacks Image 438
    Andy Moran

John helps you every step of the way.

His process starts by asking questions. Finding out about you, your music, and how photography fits in. Determining how the photos will be used. Where the photo shoot will be staged. He’ll give you suggestions on outfit ideas for the best possible look. A realistic project cost for the photography. Then he’ll put together a plan of action and photo shoot timeline that virtually guarantees you'll get the photographs you want, and more.

Nothing happens until you make the call!

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