Group Portraits

A group portrait of your company staff, leadership team or board of directors can be used as a powerful marketing tool to convey the strength and professionalism of your organization. A team portrait should be an essential part of any digital marketing strategy. Additionally, a printed portrait displayed in the customer, client or patient areas of your business instills confidence in your team, providing assurance that the customer has made the correct choice in doing business with your company.

Part of what makes an effective group portrait is the planning that goes into the photoshoot. John has been making companies and organizations look good since 1974. His people skills, professionalism and technical experience will insure that your team photograph will be the best it can possibly be. He also understands the value of your team's time—so part of that planning includes being completely prepared at the photo shoot. The primary goal may be to get an outstanding portrait, but it also should be done quickly and efficiently to minimize your team’s downtime.

Never have an outdated team portrait again!

Getting a group together for a photograph can be a challenge. And as your team grows and evolves, you shouldn't have to get them together all over again. In 2007 John pioneered the concept of making individual portraits and then placing them into a single group photo.

If you add new staff members, they can be photographed by themselves and added to the group—so your organization can always have a current team portrait, with minimum disruption, saving both time an money!

After looking at the images below, click here to see John’s unique method of creating a group portrait that never goes out of date.

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    Anderson O'Brien Bertz Skrenes & Golla LLP
  • Stacks Image 220
    Mid-State Sisters of Skate Roller Derby
  • Stacks Image 222
    Team Northwood, Coldwell Baker Real Estate Group
  • Stacks Image 224
    Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin team
  • Stacks Image 226
    Center for Dentistry and Orthodontics team
  • Stacks Image 228
    Pete Meinholz - Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Group
  • Stacks Image 230
    Blenker Companies team
  • Stacks Image 257
    Holy Spirit Parish
  • Stacks Image 259
    Community Insurance team
  • Stacks Image 261
    Board of Directors, Delta Dental of Wisconsin
  • Stacks Image 263
    Board of Directors, The Alexander Foundation
  • Stacks Image 265
    The Cooper family for the United Way of Portage County
  • Stacks Image 267
    Community First Bank team
  • Stacks Image 269
    Steve Lane Sales Team, First Weber Realtors
  • Stacks Image 271
    Musical Mavens, supporters of the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra
  • Stacks Image 273
    Prevention Genetics team
  • Stacks Image 275
    Management Team, Pointe Precision
  • Stacks Image 277
    Agriculture Banking Group, Investors Community Bank
  • Stacks Image 279
    Schultz Property Managment and Real Estate team
  • Stacks Image 281
    Mid-State Sisters of Skate Roller Derby
  • Stacks Image 283
    Monteverdi Master Chorale
  • Stacks Image 285
    Ameriprise Financial Planning, Mike Smith & Associates
  • Stacks Image 287
    Obstetrics and Gynocology team, St. Michael's Hospital
  • Stacks Image 289
    The Hofmeister family for the United Way of Portage County
  • Stacks Image 291
    Pioneer Bank team
  • Stacks Image 293
    Society of XXV
  • Stacks Image 295
    Mid-State Sisters of Skate Roller Derby
  • Stacks Image 297
    Board of Directors, Delta Dental of Wisconsin

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