Here’s what others say about Contemporary.

The lighting, especially in my cross country photo, is absolutely stunning and cannot be done anywhere else.Michael Wallace, SPASH
I liked how my son got to participate in creating the best and most natural poses for himself. I also love John’s creativity and how he creates unique shots that show my son’s personality. John is so good you’ll have a difficult time picking a handful of photos.Melanie, Michael’s mom

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I like how natural I look in them. My pictures are very professional looking without appearing over-edited or fake.Kaylyn Kluck, Pacelli
You can be 100% confident that you will be pleased with the final product.Kerry Kluck, Kaylyn’s mom

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I loved how John captured each aspect of my life in the portraits, and with such sharpness.

You will not be disappointed! The quality and sharpness is just there. John is the expert at what he does.Christian Tomski, Mosinee
No worries, no hassles. I will cherish my portraits for the rest of my life. I love them!Jacqueline, Chris’ mom

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At Contemporary there were more options and variety. The pictures for viewing options were more flexible. Each session brought out another part of who I am.Megan Niemuth, DC Everest
He did a great job making my daughter feel comfortable. John was really able to pick the correct background for each clothing choice.Brenda, Megan’s mom

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