Our custom photo shoots show who you are. Not just what you look like.

At Contemporary, you get exactly the portraits you want by selecting the photo shoot styles that best fit your needs and your personality. Each of the photo shoots below provides you with a unique set of looks with its own locations, backgrounds and lighting. Choose the ones you feel will best tell your story.

NOTE—Most seniors select their favorite two to four photo shoots for maximum variety.

You will see between 20 and forty different poses from each photo shoot you select, so you will always have more than enough to choose from. The photo shoot fee covers the photography time, and does not include any finished portraits. It does, however, include the very best senior photography you can get anywhere, at any price.

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Studio. $79
Downtown. $89
Outside. $89
Your Stuff. $89
Sportraits. $189
The Park. $99

The Studio photo shoot provides you with a huge variety of styles, backgrounds, props, lighting and looks in John’s state-of-the-art camera room. In an era when many photographers don’t even have a studio, it’s nice to know you can choose fashion, edgy, soft, or traditional looks, all done better than better than anyone!


The Downtown photo shoot takes you to the streets and back alleys of downtown Stevens Point. It’s the ultimate urban fashion experience, and one of our most popular photo shoots.


The Outdoor photo shoot is created in our exclusive mini-park located just a few steps from the camera room door. Specifically designed and landscaped for photography, this shooting area gives you simple, uncluttered professional portraits that go WAY beyond the outdoor snapshots that most photographers offer.


Your Stuff gives you the chance to be photographed in the studio with the things that are important to you. Whether it’s a sports outfit, a musical instrument, a favorite hobby, a pet or even your BFF, the Your Stuff photo shoot helps bring out more of your personality in your portraits.


The Sportraits photo shoot is unlike any portrait experience you’ll find anywhere. John uses special lighting techniques to create dramatic images that will set you apart from everyone else. No two Extreme shoots are ever the same. Whether it’s a sports idea, a hobby or other activity, or if you just want the ultimate “WOW!” portrait, Sportraits is for you!


The Park photo shoot is another outdoor experience taken in one of our local parks with all the scenery it affords. Whether you like the look of a deep woods, a lake or river, a beach, a prairie, wins or a stone wall, you won’t be disappointed!


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